Institut Català de Ciències del Clima

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The Catalan Institute of Climate Sciences (IC3) is an independently-managed, public non-profit institution located in Barcelona created in 2008 by the Government of Catalunya and the University of Barcelona, as a new research centre under the supervisory umbrella of Centres de Recerca de Catalunya (CERCA), which ensures a high standard of both management and research. IC3 was created to efficiently undertake top-level research in the field of climate sciences, with a special geographical focus on the Mediterranean region, Latin America and Africa. The aim of IC3 is to do research of the climate and its impacts on the natural and anthropogenic environment, studying the causes and consequences of global climate change and climate variability, and to learn how to mitigate climate change effects on Earth’s biosphere. These research topics are of extreme relevance for they provide crucial answers on how to address the on-going threats that climate change is adversely posing on our society.


CMTool is a climate driven mortality prediction tool, which aims to strengthen public health decision making ahead of extreme temperature events, such as heat waves and cold snaps across Europe.